Monte Carlo

Writes blogger RomTi: “I decided to continue to publish notes of travel and show you the Principality of Monaco, namely the city of Monte Carlo, the way I remembered it. So what if you want to look at the Monte Carlo my eyes, I invite you to cat. “

Source: Zhzhurnal / romti

MonteCarlo01 walk in Monte Carlo
1. In the heart of Monte-Carlo

MonteCarlo02 walk in Monte Carlo
2. Palm trees everywhere

On the French Riviera, near the Italian border at the foot of the French Alps located microstate Monaco, bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

MonteCarlo03 walk in Monte Carlo
3. Off the coast of Monaco

By the sea is always crowded, a lot of tourists and local residents discussed life near the pier in a cozy restaurant with a beautiful view of the sea. In addition, if desired, you can always take a dip in the sea.

MonteCarlo04 walk in Monte Carlo
4. Pier in Monte Carlo

MonteCarlo05 walk in Monte Carlo
5. Girlfriends

The Principality of Monaco has merged districts, cities in which the Monte Carlo plays the role of the shopping center, which houses theaters, casinos and other entertainment venues.

MonteCarlo06 walk in Monte Carlo
6. Casino

MonteCarlo07 walk in Monte Carlo
7. A flower bed in the center of Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo all very green, which, despite the density of the built-up a lot. In addition, the beautiful and well-kept park of Monte Carlo catches the eye of all the tourists.

MonteCarlo08 walk in Monte Carlo
8. In the park of Monte-Carlo

The park is located next to the famous casinos around the world. Casino in Monte Carlo was built by Charles Garnier in 1878. It was then formulated two rules, which stipulate as to who wins in the casinos, which have already been written before.

MonteCarlo09 walk in Monte Carlo
9. The clock on the Monte Carlo casino

MonteCarlo10 walk in Monte Carlo
10. At the entrance to the casino

Before the casino area is dotted with expensive cars and crowds of tourists, including many Slavs. Accordingly, to make a family photo on the memory of the Monte Carlo is not a problem, even without the knowledge of foreign languages.

MonteCarlo11 walk in Monte Carlo
11. Casino of Monte-Carlo

Casino is a luxurious building going into that penetrate the world of wealth and luxury. Only here the cameras out there, like children, are left out of the law and at the entrance. And that’s about the fact that the casino is not allowed in shorts, complete nonsense. So there is no need to drag out of the house pants for the entrance to the casino. Unless you’re not going to lose to the nines and do not want to try on their expression of loss, exit out of the casino with no pants.

MonteCarlo12 walk in Monte Carlo
12. Near Casinos

To the left of the casino is a huge restaurant, which scored a rest slowly sipping cool drinks.

MonteCarlo13 walk in Monte Carlo
13. The restaurant

And not far from the restaurant, just a couple of steps is the street on which you can find stores the most popular brands in the world. However, the prices are impressive.

MonteCarlo14 walk in Monte Carlo
14. Rolex

MonteCarlo15 walk in Monte Carlo
15. Looking after a new thing

Walking through the streets of Monte Carlo, photographed not only the beauty of the city, but also his favorite.

MonteCarlo16 walk in Monte Carlo
16. Tanya

MonteCarlo17 walk in Monte Carlo
17. A street in Monte-Carlo

Getting lost in the city is practically impossible, but if it happened suddenly, everywhere there are signs

MonteCarlo18 walk in Monte Carlo
18. Pointers

By the way, once the road has already started to show the cities of the world, following a couple of photos of the road from Monte Carlo.

MonteCarlo19 walk in Monte Carlo
19. The road to Monte Carlo

MonteCarlo20 walk in Monte Carlo
20. Tunnel

And of course the roads have stops that are surrounded by greenery. In addition, pleased with the presence of people involved in running, that and strive to run into the frame.

MonteCarlo21 walk in Monte Carlo
21. Stop

Life in the city is boiling, and the slightest damage react instantly.

MonteCarlo22 walk in Monte Carlo
22. Repair work

Everywhere in the city there are cameras that are so glaring.

MonteCarlo23 walk in Monte Carlo
23. Cameras everywhere

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