Japanese Artist Chu-San Uses the Body to Create a Surreal Paintings

Thanks to the Japanese artist Chu-San, these girls look like participants a traveling freak show: it draws on their bodies lightning, power connectors, cords and even buttons. These masterfully executed drawings on the body is converted into a girls walking exhibits the works of Chu-san.

Tired of the dominance of digital painting, the artist simply decided to test how far it can go without using technology. And its results are impressive.

“All my works are made using acrylic paints. All figures are made directly on the skin. I did not use any technology or during their creation or after, no treating their creativity “, – says the artist.

“I can hardly be called precisely the reason for which became involved in this project. I think, probably, me on such experiments prompted the fact that I was a little tired of the dominance of digital technologies in contemporary art. I decided to see how far I can go without using a computer and Photoshop “, – he told the Chu-san.

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