Lake Erie: the Strength of the Waves

Professional photographer Dave Sandford from London that in the Canadian province of Ontario, held from mid-October to December on Lake Erie, part of the Great Lakes system.

At this time, the Erie more like a mighty ocean than a lake, but the waves here reach a height of 7-8 meters.

Erie – the fourth in the Great Lakes, with a length of 388 km and a width of about 92 km. Maximum depth – 64 m. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

Lake Erie: the Strength of the Waves:

1. “I was a professional photographer of 18 years, but most of all I beckon the seas and oceans.” (Photo by Dave Sandford):

2. “When I was a kid, I loved being on the water or near it. It fascinates me the strength and power of the waves. ” (Photo by Dave Sandford):

3. The place name is derived from the Erie tribe erielhonan (letters. “Long tail”, the name of a puma). (Photo by Dave Sandford):

5. The water temperature here varies from 0-2 ° C in winter to 24 ° C in summer. The coastal part is frozen from December to March-April. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

6. Being the smallest of the Great Lakes, it freezes more quickly and more often than others. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

7. “The average water temperature – 11 degrees, the height of the waves these days – 7-8 meters. Erie comes to life, showing its true strength, and better stay away from him. ” (Photo by Dave Sandford):

8. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

9. Lake Erie has a reputation on which the greatest number of shipwrecks (compared to other Great Lakes): about 270 “confirmed” places … Rumor has it that just happened here 1800-8000 shipwrecks. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

10. Lake Erie has become the modern borders of 4 thousand. Years ago that by the standards of Geology very little. His bowl was dug in a relatively soft rock glaciers. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

11. The first European to have reached Lake Erie was Zhole Louis (1645-1700 gg.) – French Canadian trapper (hunter) and a pioneer researcher in North America. He visited the lake in 1669 later began to appear near Lake French settlement. At the end of the XVII century. British territories interested and who managed to find a common language with the natives. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

12. In order to protect the nature of the lake are created several nature reserves and parks. One of the most famous – Provincial Nature Park Long Point (Ontario), which are under the protection of 383 species of birds and animals threatened with extinction. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

13. Lake Erie – the tenth largest freshwater lake in the world. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

14. Lake Erie is the border between the United States and Canada, which is the cause of many disputes over the payment of talks on a cell phone. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

15. Lake Erie attracts many divers, as the bottom of the reservoir lie the remains of between 1,800 and 8,000 vessels. Local sources say that the greater Erie shipwrecks on the bottom of the square kilometer than any other freshwater basins of the world. And raising them is prohibited. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

16. There is a legend that lives in the Lake Erie Monster, known as Bessie … (Photo by Dave Sandford):

17. The power of the waves. Lake Erie, Ontario. (Photo by Dave Sandford):

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