Calvin Ma’s Meticulously Crafted Ceramic Sculptures Inspired by Pop Culture Toys

In this new series of meticulously crafted ceramic sculptures, Calvin Ma continues to expound upon his Homebodies theme. Using wood-like texture and action figure anatomy, his forms are part house, part hero. Recollective presents his iconic characters in vehicles of transportation referencing pop culture and childhood nostalgia. The figures are protective, yet guarded, and through the delicate ceramic medium, represent a playful contrast of strength and fragility.

The meticulously constructed toy-like characters are made out of ceramic, glaze, stain, twine, and resin, and draw upon pop culture references to blend human forms with transportation vehicles—like a Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter—that are seen in movies and cartoons.

“Even as a child I was reserved and apprehensive, so I turned to toys to keep me entertained. I believe the tactile activity of playing with them coupled with my active imagination helped establish this passion for the action figure early on. There was something about picking up your favorite hero or villain and creating stories and adventures that captivated me. It felt only natural to tap into this childlike sense of exploration and storytelling through my artwork.” – Calvin Ma

Calvin Ma’s Meticulously Crafted Ceramic Sculptures Inspired by Pop Culture Toys:










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