Photographs in Which Dance – Something More Than Just a Dance

Studio-dance photographer Alexander Yakovlev makes his photos of professional dancers come alive by adding dynamic elements like exploding flour.

Passion, drive, bursts of emotion, PA, from which the blood boils in my veins, and my heart starts pounding furiously – it’s all there in his photographs. And even more.

Words will never express, and a piece of the state, so Photo Vide allow photographs speak for themselves.

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Photographs in Which Dance – Something More Than Just a Dance:

alexander-yakovlev-dance 01 alexander-yakovlev-dance 02 alexander-yakovlev-dance 03 alexander-yakovlev-dance 04 alexander-yakovlev-dance 05 alexander-yakovlev-dance 06 alexander-yakovlev-dance 07 alexander-yakovlev-dance 08 alexander-yakovlev-dance 09 alexander-yakovlev-dance 10 alexander-yakovlev-dance 11 alexander-yakovlev-dance 12 alexander-yakovlev-dance 13 alexander-yakovlev-dance 14 alexander-yakovlev-dance 15

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