Tiny Lonely Houses Photography in Portugal by Sejkko

tiny lonely houses photographed in Portugal by Sejkko. Behind a blue sky of white clouds, photographer highlights singular houses in a minimalistic way that seem to be lost in the middle of nowhere.

“The images in the lonely houses series have their origin in my early childhood, as most of my other visual work. I grew up in the tropics — and as I acquired the ability to associate words with my emotions — I began to realise that I felt as a foreigner that had come from a distant land to unknown place. In this place, the sun is made of warm golden sparkles, and all the things that come from the earth have very rich and vibrant colours.

However, nowadays, my houses are not only about my own ongoing issue with the notion of ‘home’ – I have started to connect to the houses’ own personality, as well as their context and history. One of my current goals is to produce a map of Portugal covered with representative houses.” – Sejkko

Tiny Lonely Houses Photography in Portugal by Sejkko:

tiny-lonely-houses 01 tiny-lonely-houses 02 tiny-lonely-houses 03 tiny-lonely-houses 04 tiny-lonely-houses 05 tiny-lonely-houses 06 tiny-lonely-houses 07 tiny-lonely-houses 08 tiny-lonely-houses 09 tiny-lonely-houses 10 tiny-lonely-houses 11 tiny-lonely-houses 12 tiny-lonely-houses 13 tiny-lonely-houses 14 tiny-lonely-houses 15

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