Scotland’s First Cat Cafe: Maison de Moggy

Though commonplace in Japan, Scotland’s first cat cafe, named Maison de Moggy, recently opened in Edinburgh. Designed by SPLINTR, the cat cafe is a cozy place for customers to play with 12 resident cats.

The idea of Maison de Moggy is that customers can come enjoy a coffee while interacting with the 12 resident cats. The cats have various things to keep them occupied around the cafe like pitched roof sleeping houses mounted on the walls, walkways, rope bridges and a huge central column with stairs, stepping stones, balconies and chill areas that they can scale, hide in, walk through and climb on top of. This creates a dynamic, exciting and interactive experience that is so different to most cafes, allowing not only cats to play, but humans too.

“We offer a unique café experience where customers can relax in the company of our speciality cats whilst enjoying the purrfect cuppa!

We are a traditional cat cafe, focusing our attention on our cats and the therapeutic qualities they can offer our customers. We therefore limit our menu to locally produced teas, coffees and delicious cakes. Please be assured that all food and drinks will be prepared in a cat-free environment. Please note that we do not reserve tables as customers are encouraged to roam the cafe and interact with our cats.

Our cafe is a custom built paradise for our cats! There are lots of places for them to climb and play as well as nooks and crannies to explore and snooze inside. We encourage play and cuddles and our dedicated cat nanny will be on hand to make sure cats and customers have the best possible experience.”

Scotland’s First Cat Cafe: Maison de Moggy:

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