Fantastic Surreal Landscape Art by Jung-Yeon Min

“I consider that we live nowadays in a constant exchange between the real and the virtual,” says the Jung-Yeon Min. “For me it is a kind of modern Surrealism, so if my works look like ‘traditional’ Surrealism, the idea behind it is somehow different.” Indeed, Min’s bizarre worlds bring to mind the desolate, distorted landscapes present in works like Salvador Dalí’s The Persistence of Memory and Metamorphosis of Narcissus.

Fantastic Surreal Landscape Art by Jung-Yeon Min:

jung-yeon-min 01 jung-yeon-min 02 jung-yeon-min 03 jung-yeon-min 04 jung-yeon-min 05 jung-yeon-min 06 jung-yeon-min 07 jung-yeon-min 08 jung-yeon-min 09 jung-yeon-min 10 jung-yeon-min 11 jung-yeon-min 12

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