Fractal Art by Chaosfissure

Chaosfissure is the brilliant mind behind the below showcased fractal artworks. A hobbyist fractal artist from the United States, whose actual name is Sam, but he prefers you call him Chaosfissure.

This below excerpt from his deviantART page will basically sum up the idea behind all the fractals shown below:

“I enjoy trying to find beauty in a chaotic medium, and there’s a wide diversity in what can be accomplished with fractals! I use fractals as a way to paint scenes, rather than use them to exist solely for their fractal qualities.”

Fractal Artworks by Chaosfissure:

Chaosfissure 00 Chaosfissure 01 Chaosfissure 02 Chaosfissure 05 Chaosfissure 06 Chaosfissure 07 Chaosfissure 11 Chaosfissure 12 Chaosfissure 13 Chaosfissure 14 Chaosfissure 15 Chaosfissure 18 Chaosfissure 19

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