“Wet Dog”: Portraits of Dogs Photographed During Bath Time

New York photographer Sophie Gamand has spent the last four years photographing dogs as part of a larger project to better understand humans. Her latest series, Wet Dog, captures hilarious and awkward photos of small dogs as they are bathed with the help of professional groomer Ruben Santana in the Bronx.

Since 2010, Sophie Gamand’s photography explores the complex dynamics of the relationship between dogs and humans. Working mainly in New York, with both a documentary and fine-art approaches, she questions the place that dogs occupy in the human society, with the idea that dogs are no longer animals. After millennia of close partnership with humans, and being the result of artificial selection, dogs have become companions, pets.

“Wet Dog” is a series of portraits of dogs photographed during their least favorite activity: bath time. Exposing the dogs at a vulnerable moment, photographer Sophie Gamand is able to capture their wide range of expressions. She believes dogs are more than animals and have acquired a status of persona. They mirror humans and the bond we have developed with them says a lot about our own solitude and social challenges.

Sophie currently works on a book of wet dogs which will come out during the Fall 2015 (Grand Central Publishing/US, Aurum Press/UK, Livre de Poche/France, Riva/Germany). The “Wet Dog” series has won the Portraiture category of the Sony World Photography Awards 2014, and has been published in numerous online and paper publications.

Prints are available for purchase. For open edition of small formats (up to 16×16 inches), visit my American store (for orders with the US) or my international store if you are ordering from any other country.

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“Wet Dog”: Portraits of Dogs Photographed During Bath Time:

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