"Moon Games" by French Photographer Laurent Laveder

“Moon Games” by French Photographer Laurent Laveder.

In his ongoing series of photos titled Moon Games, French photographer Laurent Laveder has subjects play with a rising moon, effectively tansforming it into a balloon, a painting, and even a scoop of ice cream.

“For many years, photography is my passion. This media fascinates me. Freeze a moment for eternity, it’s magic What I like is to find a scene in perspective that allows me! to convey the emotion or meaning, or simply to give interest to familiar scenes that touches our eyes without even seeing, without understanding nature.
Combined my interest in science (I have a scientific background) and photography lead me to seek in all things the expression of many physical phenomena and to capture. There is so much to see for those who know where and when to open your eyes. “

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“Moon Games” by French Photographer Laurent Laveder

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