Embroidery Patterns Stitched into Metallic Objects

Embroidery Patterns Stitched into Metallic Objects.
Lithuatian artist Severija Inčirauskaitė-Kriaunevičienė applies standard floral and decorative patterns found in embroidery magazines to metallic objects like plates, spoons, lamps and even car doors.

From an essay on her work by Dr. Jurgita Ludavičienė:

Employing irony, Severija conceptually neutralizes the harmfulness of kitsch’s sweetness and sentimentality. Irony emerges in the process of drawing inspiration from the postwar Lithuanian village, with which artists have lost connection today, or from the destitute Soviet domestic environment, which women were trying to embellish with handicrafts, no matter what kind of absurd forms it would take. The intimacy of indoors freed from all tensions is the essence of coziness, that is crystallized in Severija’s works as cross stitch embroidery on various household utensils not intended for it.

Embroidery Patterns Stitched into Metallic Objects:

Embroidery Patterns01 Embroidery Patterns02 Embroidery Patterns03 Embroidery Patterns04 Embroidery Patterns05 Embroidery Patterns06 Embroidery Patterns07 Embroidery Patterns08 Embroidery Patterns09 Embroidery Patterns10 Embroidery Patterns11 Embroidery Patterns12

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