Intricate Pencil Drawings by Mercedes Helnwein

“A writer as well as visual artist, Mercedes Helnwein does not so much tell stories or even capture moments in her drawings as she triggers possibilities—the possibilities being vaguely unlikely, vaguely unsavory, and not-so-vaguely menacing, rather like inverse Magrittes. Helnwein’s basic ingredient is the fully, fashionably, clothed human figure, more often than not regarding the viewer or about to; occupying a peculiarly lit, but familiar space, they are shown engaged in a solipsistic soliloquy— self-absorbed and drenched in an almost urgent ennui—with someone and/or something else. The something else is never a weapon, and the someone else never seems to be a love interest or BFF, so the narrative tension keeps to a simmer. But that tension is the more pervasive for its very indirection and indefinability…”

Mercedes Helnwein01 Mercedes Helnwein02 Mercedes Helnwein03 Mercedes Helnwein04 Mercedes Helnwein05 Mercedes Helnwein06 Mercedes Helnwein07 Mercedes Helnwein08 Mercedes Helnwein09 Mercedes Helnwein10 Mercedes Helnwein11 Mercedes Helnwein12 Mercedes Helnwein13 Mercedes Helnwein14 Mercedes Helnwein15 Mercedes Helnwein16 Mercedes Helnwein17 Mercedes Helnwein18 Mercedes Helnwein19 Mercedes Helnwein20 Mercedes Helnwein21 Mercedes Helnwein22 Mercedes Helnwein23 Mercedes Helnwein24 Mercedes Helnwein25 Mercedes Helnwein26 Mercedes Helnwein27 Mercedes Helnwein28 Mercedes Helnwein29 Mercedes Helnwein30

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