Comics Style Illustrations by Gael Bertrand

Comics Style Illustrations by Gael Bertrand.

Illustrations by american artist Gael Bertrand with comics style and coloring techniques. Also, his trace is super great, with many details which is always a good thing.

Gael Bertrand01 Gael Bertrand02 Gael Bertrand03 Gael Bertrand04 Gael Bertrand05 Gael Bertrand06 Gael Bertrand07 Gael Bertrand08 Gael Bertrand09 Gael Bertrand10 Gael Bertrand11 Gael Bertrand12 Gael Bertrand13 Gael Bertrand14 Gael Bertrand15 Gael Bertrand16 Gael Bertrand17 Gael Bertrand18 Gael Bertrand19 Gael Bertrand20 Gael Bertrand21 Gael Bertrand22

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