Hyper Realistic Drawings on the Body

Tattoo-mania knows no bounds. People addicted to the ink on the body, at times, seem to be insane to even the most experienced tattoo artist. Sometimes they are asked to make obscene or realistic drawing of a little eerie. Just look at these photos. Yes, some tattoos here deserve attention and respect, but the other wants to go away – they are too realistic …

Hyperrealistic01 Hyperrealistic02 Hyperrealistic03 Hyperrealistic04 Hyperrealistic05 Hyperrealistic06 Hyperrealistic07 Hyperrealistic08 Hyperrealistic09 Hyperrealistic10 Hyperrealistic11 Hyperrealistic12 Hyperrealistic13 Hyperrealistic14 Hyperrealistic15 Hyperrealistic16 Hyperrealistic17 Hyperrealistic18 Hyperrealistic19 Hyperrealistic20 Hyperrealistic21 Hyperrealistic22 Hyperrealistic23 Hyperrealistic24 Hyperrealistic25 Hyperrealistic26 Hyperrealistic27 Hyperrealistic28 Hyperrealistic29 Hyperrealistic30 Hyperrealistic31

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