Skyline Chess – bringing the city to your chess board

Skyline Chess create beautiful, hand cast chessmen based on iconic buildings from our home city of London.

Skyline Chess was conceived as a way of creating beautiful, carefully crafted objects, which embody both our passion for architecture and the game of chess.

We developed the idea over a few chess matches and went on to model the pieces in 3D. From there we had them 3D printed and we’ve been using these to replace our standard set ever since.

We believe that as individual objects they are beautiful and when arranged across the board represent something unique. What better way to topple the might of the King than with a humble pawn, or in this case Canary Wharf being placed in check by a terraced house.

In developing the idea we thought long and hard about suitable alternatives for the chessmen, both in terms of their architectural and symbolic value as well as their value on the chess board.

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