Mystery at the tip of the brush

The paintings of the artist Vladimir Kush can watch for a long time, as if reading a book.

In art, as in life, there is creativity, which is impressive to tingling, others forgotten a minute later, and there are pictures, metaphors, which you can watch forever, and you still will not be able to solve their end. The work of Vladimir Kush – one of the best Russian surrealists, and indeed a significant person in the world scale – just one of them.

He was born in Moscow, where he received his art education, but surrealism our country was then not needed, and Kush emigrated to the United States. In 1993, a businessman from France, seeing the talent of the artist, gave him exposure in Hong Kong, after which the author became really famous. Who is the artist’s own four galleries in the U.S., and it is a recognized master of surrealism.

In all his works there is something attractive, by giving the impression that the viewer himself is present in the picture. You will not find on his canvases dark colors – a soft muted tones, as if illuminated from within the mysterious and warm glow.

This material selected the most moving scenes of a talented artist Vladimir Kush, which permanently chained to the eye.

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