Black and White Photography by Sid Kaplan

At the age of ten, Sidney Kaplan saw a black-and-white print develop in a darkroom. The experience hypnotized him and he began his lifelong career of photographing and printing. He has been and continues to be enthralled with what he calls “the magic” of making a black-and-white print.

Sid Kaplan01 Sid Kaplan02 Sid Kaplan03 Sid Kaplan04 Sid Kaplan05 Sid Kaplan06 Sid Kaplan07 Sid Kaplan08 Sid Kaplan09 Sid Kaplan10 Sid Kaplan11 Sid Kaplan12 Sid Kaplan13 Sid Kaplan14 Sid Kaplan15 Sid Kaplan16 Sid Kaplan17 Sid Kaplan18 Sid Kaplan19 Sid Kaplan20 Sid Kaplan21 Sid Kaplan22 Sid Kaplan23 Sid Kaplan24 Sid Kaplan25 Sid Kaplan26 Sid Kaplan27

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