Hazy Lights and Shadows by Lynn Geesaman

American photographer Lynn Geesaman first started traveling to France and Belgium in 1987, when she realized the gardens she most sought were outside the United States. Lynn Geesaman quickly gained national recognition for her striking black and white photographs. Void of people, her images reveal the solitude and refinement found in nature. Her pictures vibrate with a glistening light, inviting viewers to meander through the poplars in France, the canals in Belgium and the cypress trees in Italy.

Hazy Lights01 Hazy Lights02 Hazy Lights03 Hazy Lights04 Hazy Lights05 Hazy Lights06 Hazy Lights07 Hazy Lights08 Hazy Lights09 Hazy Lights10 Hazy Lights11 Hazy Lights12

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