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Xenia Lau: “Portrait is beauty in a frozen state”

Xenia Lau – a portrait photographer from Spain and a jury member of the international contest 35Photo Awards.Her works are characterized by a special style: thanks to the light, toning and details of the heroine of her photos are transformed into unearthly beings, real nymphs. About herself Xenia Lau told Photo Vide magazine.

Photographer’s fcebook:

About myself

I am a professional photographer, I took the camera in my hands at the age of 12. I was born in Ibiza – this little islet will always remain in my heart.

About the portrait

Portraits tell stories, but not with letters and voice. They grasp the moments and ephemeral details that sweep in our eyes, capture the beauty in a frozen state. In people in my portraits there must be something special: beauty, strength, kindness; By their appearance they must inspire or tell stories.

About working with the model

The main thing, it seems to me, is to take care of a pleasant atmosphere, so that people feel relaxed and comfortable, so that they can just be themselves, then it will only be to catch their character and essence with the camera. During filming, I always try to be friendly and outgoing, to establish good relations with the model. Of course, all the models are different, it is always easier to work with those with whom a trust relationship has been established.

On the successful portrait

I believe that a good portrait should grab attention. It should stand out from the background of others and have some special feature that would make it memorize it.

About color and black and white

When the portrait of a girl, it is almost impossible (although sometimes so desirable) to make it black and white, not colored. With the male photograph, the opposite is true – here I usually prefer to dispense with color.

About creative landmarks

I like the works of Evelina Bencikova – they have poetry.

About talent

Today everyone can buy a camera, make photos and call himself a photographer. But to become a famous photographer, I think the camera alone will not be enough.

About the criteria for a good frame

A good frame grabs attention, takes you inside. He stands out, you feel him or you make up a memorable story, although you can not even see it.

About the hobby

I’ve been drawing and painting pictures since I learned to hold a pencil, this is my second big hobby after photography.

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