“Lion Whisperer” Kevin Richardson’s Promo GoPro Video for World Lion Day

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“Lion Whisperer” Kevin Richardson’s Promo GoPro Video for World Lion Day.

By his own admission, South African “Lion Whisperer” Kevin Richardson has “broken every safety rule known to man” when working with lions. But he is doing it, not only for some hugs from these cuddly cats (cats he’s known since birth–so don’t try it at home), but to raise awareness about the lion’s disappearing habitat. As we learn in this video, which Richardson filmed to promote World Lion Day on August 10.

As a self-taught animal behaviourist, Kevin Richardson has broken every safety rule known to man when working with these wild animals. Flouting common misconceptions that breaking an animal’s spirit with sticks and chains is the best way to subdue them, he uses love, understanding and trust to develop personal bonds with them. His unique method of getting to know their individual personalities, what makes each of them angry, happy, upset, or irritated-just like a mother understands a child-has caused them to accept him like one of their own into their fold.

Kevin’s unique relationships with these large predators have opened many doors and captivated the imagination of many people throughout the world. He has presented and produced several documentaries that detail his relationships with the animals and highlight the plight of lions both in captivity and in the wild.

Kevin has also written a book appropriately named, “Part of the Pride” detailing his work over the years with the large carnivores and is now affectionately known by his fans worldwide as “The Lion Whisperer”.

Through his remarkable relationships with the animals he has also made a name for himself in the feature film industry as one of South Africa’s leading animal handlers and advisors.

He has been featured prominently as a result of his ground breaking work on many local and international News Networks, Newspapers, Magazine and Actuality Programs including Sky News , CNN, ABC News, NBC , CBS, Carte Blanche and Top Billing.

World Lion Day is the first global campaign to celebrate the importance of the lion worldwide. Since the dawn of man the lion has played an integral role in our lives: symbolically, religiously, culturally, economically and biologically. To lose the lion from our world would be to lose part of our global heritage.

“Lion Whisperer” Kevin Richardson’s Promo GoPro Video for World Lion Day:


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