World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends


Modern man can hardly believe in myths and legends. However, despite the many existing reliable facts, stories still do not lose their popularity. Each guide uses the most vivid stories to attract the attention of listeners. After all, legends evoke a sense of wonder and admiration, especially when the topic concerns unique and nothing on similar sites.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends:

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland. Despite the fact that scientists say that Giant’s Causeway was formed as a result of an ancient volcanic eruption, there is a legend of the Celtic hero Finn McCool, who decided to fight with the one-eyed giant Gaulle. For this, he drove into the bottom of the Irish Sea are many colonies, which received the original bridge. Did their best, the hero lay down to rest, and in the meantime he Gall moved across the bridge in Ireland. Finn’s wife, sensing danger, rushed out to meet a giant monster and assured that the sleeping Finn – a baby. Then she regaled intruder cakes, which were hidden pans, and her husband – the usual. First he broke his teeth, and the second did not even wincing ate his portion. Scared Gall saw the power of such a child, imagined his father and fled the country for breaking the bridge.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends

Forbidden City in Beijing.

This palace complex is the most extensive of its kind – 720 thousand. Sqm. Going back to the past, you could not get inside, it is not deprived of the head. Today, everyone has the opportunity to come here and learn the legends enveloping this place. One of the most popular has it that Emperor Zhu Di dreamed of four watch towers, unprecedented. Waking up, he told the three months to raise the corners of the walls of the Forbidden City uvedёnnye in sleep structure. In case of failure of the order, the builders facing the death penalty. At the end of the month the chief architect could not manage to develop a construction plan. In desperation, he went for a walk around the city, during which came on the seller cells with grasshoppers. For fun, he bought one of the cells and was amazed. It was her design was the perfect model of the towers. The emperor was ever pleased with the results; Elder sold grasshoppers, God appeared carpenters Lu Ban.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends

Avenue of the baobabs, Madagascar.

Avenue of the baobabs, Madagascar. The island is not only famous lemurs, and giant trees. Baobabs Alley is located in the western part. According to one legend, one day God is in a bad mood and he was caught by the arm baobab. Splashing anger, he tore the tree up by the roots and put back into the ground down crown.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls. The property is situated on the border between the United States and Canada. The most favorite guides legend says the Virgin of fog; According to one version, the daughter of the leader of the Seneca tribe called Lelavala was chosen as a sacrifice to God, who lived in the depths of the waterfall. Thus residents of the tribe wanted to appease an angry God, poisonous water.The selfless woman voluntarily went to the canoe to meet death, but she was saved by God Khan, who told about the terrible serpent, he settled in the river, and is the cause of all ills. Lelavala returned to the village and told his father about the monster. By bringing the soldiers, the chief came to grips with the serpent and defeated him.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends

Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt.

Sculpture, towering over the plateau of Giza, considered one of the oldest preserved to this day. She is lying on the sand figure with a lion’s body and a human head. History of the Great Sphinx is shrouded in many legends and speculation. One of the most raspatronennyh is a legend of the Crown Prince Thutmose, son of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiyi. One day, while hunting in the desert Thutmose withdrew its custody, in order to pray alone at the Pyramids. Tired of the midday sun, he lay down to rest in the shadow of the Sphinx, tunes in those days on the shoulders of sand.However, the statue came alive and spoke with a man. She told about the future reign of Thutmose and told him to clean his paws on the sand. Then the prince looked at the huge bright eyes and he lost consciousness. When he awoke, the heir vowed to fulfill the request. Becoming Pharaoh Thutmose IV, it ordered the statue to dig and install granite stele.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends

Great Wall of China

One of the most romantic and heartbreaking legends about the construction of the Great Wall of China is considered to be the legend of Meng Jiang Nu. We lived in the neighborhood for two couples and families, Meng Jiang, who did not have children. One husband Jiang planted lagenariyu that let their vines through the wall to the neighbors. Over time, the plant is given in the form of a huge harvest of pumpkins. Friendly neighbors decided to divide it in half. Cutting the fruit, they found the child inside. The girl was named Meng Jiang Nu and began to bring together. She grew up a real beauty, which never saw the light; she married Fanya Silya, who was hiding from government forces all the young people to build the Great Wall of China. Happiness young did not last long; Fan Silya found and forcibly sent to the construction site. She was waiting for a loved one for a year without receiving any news. Then I went looking for him, but they were in vain. No one knew where her husband, and later found that he died from exhaustion and was buried in the wall. Meng Jiang Nu, unable to relieve his pain, crying for three days and three nights. Part of the wall, which she was, collapsed. For damage to the Emperor he had intended to punish the widow, but seeing her beautiful face, proposed to marry. Meng Jiang Nu agreed, but on condition bury his former spouse as expected. The emperor complied with, but then Meng Jiang Nu committed suicide by drowning in the sea.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends

Mount Etna, Sicily.

Mount Etna, Sicily. The volcano is one of the highest and most active in Europe. Throughout its history it has erupted more than 200 times. In 1669, the eruption of Mount Etna lasted four months, destroying 12 villages. According to legend, this eruption was caused by nothing more than a monster Typhon stogolovym (son of Gaia), which was concluded by Zeus inside Mount Etna. Every time Typhon was angry, there was an earthquake and the eruption.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends

Fuji volcano on the island of Honshu, Japan.

Gore is one of the most recognizable natural attractions of the country. The object is a popular theme in Japanese art; it can be found in the songs, movies, and, of course, legends and myths. One legend tells of a married couple who lived near Mount Fuji. My husband was a collector of bamboo. One day, slicing raw materials he found in bamboo girl the size of a thumb. Delighted, the couple took the child himself to education as their children they had. Then, continuing the work of a man found in the bamboo bar of gold. Suddenly wealthy family happily healed. The girl, called Kaguya-hime grew a beautiful girl. Many have tried to get her hands, even the emperor himself, but beautiful all refused, wanting to get back to where it came from – to the moon. Once the full moon lunar subjects finally came to the Kaguya-hime to take her home. She left a gift to the emperor as the elixir of life and writing. He, in turn, ordered to carry gifts to the mountain and burn, as he did not want to live forever without love. Thus the flame of the elixir and letters made Mount Fuji volcano.

World-Famous Attractions Shrouded in the Most Interesting Legends


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