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The Winter’s Tale

In late December in Sevastopol was +16, the sun shines like in the spring, the beauty! And I still can not get to part with a winter fairy tale! I have rarely been able to experience such feelings. I wandered through the Ai-Petri and shooting, shoot, shoot … just give the indescribable pleasure!
Photos and text by Yuri Yugansona

1. The path to the top:

2. This “head” I was shooting in different weather.

3. Another courageous pine.

4. Radars in the snow.


6. Funicular brought ordinary lovers of winter.

7. This is how it looks from the top of the mountain.

8. The stones with ice build-up can not be distinguished from the trees.

9. Looking to the side of the mountain and Simeiza-Cats.

10. Crown Ai-Petri.



13. Trees at the foot of the mountain.

14. Pines over the pine trees.

15. The military unit. There we did not manage to reach.


17. The trailer on the background of the Crown Ai-Petri.

18. Sosna- “plane.”

19. And I do not say goodbye!


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