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Rare Photos of Wildlife in a Cities by Laurent Geslin

The photographer Laurent Geslin has lived in many cities, but it was upon leaving London that he first discovered the real, complex ecosystems that exist within our conurbations. “Urban wildlife was not very popular twenty years ago” writes the artist, “wildlife photographers wanted to show ‘pure’ nature”. In London Laurent Geslin saw scavengers, predators and their prey. He had missed wildlife photography, but soon found joy in photographing the urban fox and herons in city parks.

No need to go to Africa to see animals close up. By creating towns, man has created new habitats. Some animals escaped back into the wild, others have continued to breed and live around us…
These urban dwelling animals don’t attract the same interest as the big game of Africa because paradoxically they remain unknown. But urban fauna is not limited to just rats and pigeons…

Between two assignments in distant countries, Laurent Geslin takes advantage of his stops in the English capital to expand his subject on the urban biodiversity. Laurent Geslin ‘Urban Safari’ was conducted in major European cities in order to shoot foxes, beech marten, badgers, wild boars and even bears! His original work has been published in numerous books and foreign magazines.

Rare Photos of Wildlife in a Cities by Laurent Geslin:

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