The Unique Wildlife of Africa Through the Eyes of Famous Photographer David Lloyd

David Lloyd – one of the most famous photographers of wildlife. He won a lot of prestigious competitions, his photographs published the most respected magazines.

“I’m a photographer of wildlife from New Zealand living in London. I arrived in late 1989 for a six month journey and I’m still here journeying over twenty years later. Some of my favourite places are Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Botswana, and Richmond Park which is just a few miles from my home in London.

I prefer a fine art style, choosing to appeal to buyers of framed photography. Although I’ve a preference towards black and white, colour features strongly too.

I have acquired each portfolio of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year series since its inception in 1991. They have been, and they continue to be, my biggest inspiration. Last year it was a privilege to see my picture A Flick of the Tail chosen for its cover. My pictures have been published worldwide and my prints adorn the walls of many peoples’ homes.” – David Lloyd

Wildlife of Africa Through the Eyes of Famous Photographer David Lloyd:

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