Watercolor as Rebus

“Watercolor – the water in nature. It’s great when you can draw multi-colored water. Being obtained from the air, even if the subject of the picture it is not “

And the artist-illustrator Dima Rebus got very personal, full of feelings, thoughts, and irony.

“Humor and irony are necessary as air, otherwise the abundance of over-seriousness can simply suffocate. Speaking on the simple, I just try to add a bit of absurdity to a particular action. But life on our stories, and their very rich throws. ”

Dima was 25 years old and lives in Moscow and is doing illustrations for Snob, Total Football, Hacker, studios Bang Bang! and others.

“Unfortunately (but probably not), my dinner on the table depends on the imagination. No, I do not imagine myself dinner, I earn my imagination to life. I’m really glad that I have it, well, or I imagine it navoobrazhala. ”

At the beginning of this year in Moscow, he had his first solo exhibition titled “The whole trick in dementia.” Connoisseurs and critics noted virtuoso technique with watercolor scenes and originality of its own unique style of the author.

photovide.com chose 28 works of the brightest young talented artist Dima Rebus.

01-watercolor-as-rebus 02-watercolor-as-rebus 03-watercolor-as-rebus 04-watercolor-as-rebus 05-watercolor-as-rebus 06-watercolor-as-rebus 07-watercolor-as-rebus 08-watercolor-as-rebus 09-watercolor-as-rebus 10-watercolor-as-rebus 11-watercolor-as-rebus 12-watercolor-as-rebus 13-watercolor-as-rebus 14-watercolor-as-rebus 15-watercolor-as-rebus 16-watercolor-as-rebus 17-watercolor-as-rebus 18-watercolor-as-rebus 19-watercolor-as-rebus 20-watercolor-as-rebus 21-watercolor-as-rebus 22-watercolor-as-rebus 23-watercolor-as-rebus 24-watercolor-as-rebus 25-watercolor-as-rebus 26-watercolor-as-rebus 27-watercolor-as-rebus 28-watercolor-as-rebus

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