Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money

Watches – great way to supplement your image attracting the attention of detail. Many habitually believe that only insanely expensive classic watches deserve attention. Recently, however, an original modern design combined with reliable mechanisms and quite affordable prices gaining more and more fans around the world.

We turned to our friends from the store design watches TicTacToy , which have an extensive collection of original watches and well versed in the latest world trends of watch design, for assistance in creating this collection.

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Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money:

TicTacToy01Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
1. Celeste from Ziiiro . This German company – the brainchild of designer Robert Dhabi, who decided to abandon the usual arrows in favor of two disks rotating relative to each other. Now the company’s arsenal, begins with a single design concept, the 9 different series of hours. And additional beauty of this model gives the effect of mixing colors when applied discs. At the same time determine by this clock is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance – the border color zones indicate the hours and minutes.
TicTacToy02-1Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
2. Date of WeWood . In recent years, become much more popular accessories made of wood – for example, spectacle frames or the clock – light, comfortable, natural and eco-friendly. WeWood Italian company since 2010 offers everyone not only to buy luxury watches, but also to participate in the rescue of the ecosystem environment – for every watch purchased the company undertakes to plant a tree, and bundled with the purchase of supplies a certificate confirming that it is thanks to you on our planet was more than one tree.
TicTacToy03Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
3. Reveal from Projects Watches . These watches – representatives of American design. In 1992 Projects under the guidance of its founder – industrial designer Jack Marcus – has created its first wristwatch and since then has been 20 years to please its customers with fresh ideas and unusual solutions, collaborating with renowned designers and architects. The company’s slogan – “architecture, which you can wear on your wrist.” And the idea of ??this conceptual model – live only for today, looking back at the past and trying to not look into the future. Therefore, on the dial, you can see only the current time.
TicTacToy04Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
4. Ora Lattea from Nava . Ora Lattea translated from Italian means “hour of the galaxy”, and the design of this watch, which, incidentally, are among the most modern minimalist hours, based on associations with our solar system. Creator hours Denis Guidon rejects the idea of ??accuracy and punctuality in favor of unpredictability. “I’m developing a new design not hours, and a new design time” – says the designer. Therefore, it is most suitable creation creative individuals who can afford some liberties in circulation over time than business people.
TicTacToy05Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
5. The Accurate from Mr Jones Watches . This representative of the British, or rather, the London design may seem to someone not more than a manifestation of black English humor. After the arrows on this watch “gently” tell you: “Remember. You will die. ” However, interpretation of the famous designers conceived memento mori on your wrist is designed to constantly remind that it is not necessary to spend allotted to each of us precious time on any nonsense. MR Jones Watches – young, but has already become a cult brand in the UK. After the huge success of the limited edition of the first series production hours were put on stream, and now each season the company produces exclusively small number of models, the design of which differs unusual ideas and materials.
TicTacToy06Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
6. 3012 Series from Hygge . These watches from the company Hygge are a mixture of Scandinavian minimalist design and Japanese technology. Concept «Hygge» Scandinavia has a special meaning – it’s hard to explain, almost physical sensation of comfort and convenience, which occurs in a pleasant environment. Easy to guess that the creators of these hours are hoping that these are the sensations you will experience when wearing them.
TicTacToy07Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
7. Cognitime . Company Cognitime, based in Norway, is an international community of talented designers, engineers and production specialists, united to create these original watches. Cognitime has its own patented concept definition time. “Eight”, or infinity symbol in the center of the dial, divided into 24 segments, represents hours, and the outer ring – both minutes and seconds. The motion indicator for “eight” in the CCW direction.
TicTacToy08Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
8. Zizm from Nooka . Nooka – American brand of New York-based artist and designer Matthew Uoldmanom. Manifesto of: «Nooka revolutionizing not only in design but in the style of life. Belief in the best progress, move forward – that’s what’s important. We believe that the future should not be like the past. ” The dial of this watch features a patented time display Dot & Row and unusual surface with edges that provide light refraction. Incidentally, the work hours even at a depth of 30 meters.
TicTacToy09Unusual Watches for Quite Ordinary Money
9. Hacker by Michael Young . Watch Hacker – the result of combining the creative efforts of the famous British designer Michael Young, in 1997, recognized the most promising British designer and manufacturer of Hong Kong engineers wristwatches – ODM company Despite the lack of numbers on the dial, the time is read without any problems at first glance thanks to the visual ergonomics lines, and a unique concave shape and a metal disc in the center of the dial protects the glass and looked very impressive.

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