"The Walking Man": the Most Expensive Sculpture in the World

While the world economy is not in a position to bloom, fat cats are ready to spend huge amounts of money on cars, apartments, and, of course, art. A clear proof of the sculpture “Walking Man,” which unknown buyer acquired the UK Sotheby’s for $ 104.327 million. Thus, the “Walking Man” – is the most expensive in the history of sculpture.

The current owner bought the most expensive sculpture “Walking Man” in 8 minutes after trading began, winning a lot in 10 connoisseurs. It should be noted that Sotheby’s did not even expect to get the same amount, because the final price of the lot is nearly four times the hanging for its starting price.

Alberto Giacometti‘s sculpture author has created two versions of “Walking Man,” that are slightly different from each other. Works of art came into being in 1961 and is a bronze statue of pure human scale. Such a large value of sculpture because it is one of the most famous works of Alberto Giacometti. Moreover, very few works by Giacometti survived to the present day, it is not surprising that the “Walking Man” is worth its weight in gold.

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