20 Beautiful Photos of Sleeping Couples Who are Preparing to Become a Parents

Young photographer Jana Romanova created an amazing photo project “Waiting”, which became the heroes of couples waiting for the birth of a child.
As a rule, the shooting took place early in the morning, when the parents were still sleep – in such an intimate moment of life can better understand the feelings and catch the mood of the couple who is on the verge of such an important and exciting event in their lives.

Young Russian couples, inhabitants of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, are sleeping in their bedrooms early in the morning, the time when people don’t really care about their appearance, being natural. They are preparing to become parents in few months, and the project investigates not only their attitude to each other during the period of expecting a baby, but also the way young families live in big cities of modern Russia, 20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the country that will be known to their children only from history books.

The project consists of 40 images, like 40 weeks in pregnancy.

Photos of Sleeping Couples Who are Preparing to Become a Parents:

waiting 00 waiting 01 waiting 02 waiting 04 waiting 05 waiting 06 waiting 07 waiting 08 waiting 09 waiting 10 waiting 11 waiting 12 waiting 13 waiting 14 waiting 15 waiting 16 waiting 17 waiting 18

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