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Vladimir Nikonov: “Shooting a landscape is a rest and a reboot”

Landscape and travel photographer Vladimir Nikonov has been photographing for 10 years. From numerous trips he brings pictures, on which you want to hold your eyes. For Vladimir, photography is a way to disconnect from routine, to be alone with yourself. About himself, the photographer told Photo Vide magazine.

About myself

By profession I am a philologist, a teacher of Russian language and literature, but it so happened that right after the university I got a job working on radio as a sound engineer, and then I got on local TV, where I worked for almost eight years as a videographer and editor. Here I began to gradually discover the world of photography. Working with a video camera, he learned to see the frame, read books, wrote out the magazine “Photo-ford” – at home there is still an impressive selection.
I bought my first camera about ten years ago – I wanted to document the trip to Europe, and I, not particularly choosing, bought a digital Nikon soap dish. Then there was the Pentax, and finally the Canon 5D Mark II, which is with me now. Since then, travel and photography for me are inextricably linked. I can not imagine myself on a trip without a camera, even if it’s a Sunday raid on nature with friends.

About genre

I am engaged in landscape and travel photography. For me, shooting a landscape is a rest and a reboot: all problems immediately dissolve and only you and nature remain. Life for a while is extremely simplistic: there is a camera, there is a beautiful view, you need to find the right angle and make a frame – everything! Consciousness is pure, only the inner development of the image takes place, as from old films, gradually filling the white sheet in a new way. In addition, it is important to be alone with yourself. The hardest part is to get back to the city after shooting, to go into a routine. In travel photography, everything is the same, only the scale is different.

About directions

Most of all I love the Russian North, definitely. Karelia, Murmansk region, Solovki, Khibiny … Endless forests, many lakes, mountains, hills and harsh seas … The north is the place where I really rest from the hustle and rhythm of working everyday life. There is a desynchronization with the usual world, and the further you go to the north, the more obvious it becomes. Gradually on the way you meet fewer cities and villages, more deserted spaces, and you are immersed in a new state of peace and quiet. The Russian north is where I want to come back again and again.

About the important in landscape photography

Probably the most important thing is the ability to search and wait. After all, the talent of a natural artist is undeniable, he himself paints beautiful pictures for us, we need only learn to see them.

About inspiration

Most of all, I’m inspired by the dawn. This is an amazing time of the day, it’s a pity that most of the dawns in our lives we do not see, because at this time we are banally asleep. The more valuable to me moments when I can observe the awakening of a new day.

About impressions

The most vivid impressions are connected with my New Year trip to Mexico a couple of years ago. It so happened that a childhood friend invited me to photograph his marriage. In the end, it turned out an unforgettable journey, during which we managed to see Mexico, Monterrey, Cancun, sunbathe on the beaches of Yucatan, climb the Mayan pyramids and visit the most real Mexican wedding.

About the same frame

I do not think in advance what frames I would like to receive; For me the sense of shooting, rather, is to catch the moment, to capture the mood inherent in this time of day, year, this weather, whatever it is. Sometimes even in the most unpretentious, gray days, wonderful shots are obtained. In them there may not be a riot of colors of a tropical sunset, but if, in the end, photography clings, then the goal is achieved.

About vision

I think that a vision, like any other skill, can and should be developed, and from above one gives love to what you do, that is, to a photo department.

About the criteria for a good photo

A good photo is your photo. Not in the sense that you did it, but that you would like to shoot it yourself, to find yourself in that place and see live what you see in the picture.

About character traits

Purposefulness, curiosity, perseverance, and all this with a touch of phototreatment – that’s what should be inherent in you in the first place. It is important that photography helps to cultivate all these qualities, otherwise you just can not become a good photographer.

For Beginners

I advise you to watch the work of good photographers, learn from them and travel more. And, of course, shoot, that is, practice more. A good frame does not tolerate a lazy attitude toward oneself.

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