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The Firefly Time-Lapse – Photography by Vincent Brady

The Firefly Time-Lapse – Photography by Vincent Brady.

This is a fantastic feat of photography and editing by Vincent Brady who shot this montage of firefly timelapses in 2013 at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and around his home in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

“Shot primarily over the Summer of 2013 at Lake of the Ozarks, Missourri and around my hometown of Grand Ledge, Michigan. I used every trick I have up my sleeve to pull this off. Image stacking, 360 degree startrail panoramas, and even a macro love scene! Hold on to your seats these fireflies fly by pretty quick!

This is my first time creating a whole hog time-lapse video. Had a lot of fun and a few headaches trying to get the editing down but in the end I was pleased with the result. I was especially pleased with the music my good friend Brandon McCoy composed, he went above and beyond the call of duty for this project.

This photo fascination of fireflies started back in April of 2012. Yes the fireflies were out in April due to an irregular warm Spring. I went to Lake of the Ozarks to celebrate my mother’s birthday. When I arrived in the evening the fireflies were just starting to show themselves, I got out of the car and naturally just setup a shot. Put the camera in time-lapse mode with the intention of stacking like startrails like I had done many times before. Here’s the shot, it may be one of my favorites.”

The Firefly Time-Lapse – Photography by Vincent Brady:

Vincent Brady 0 Vincent Brady 1 Vincent Brady 2 Vincent Brady 3 Vincent Brady 4 Vincent Brady 6 Vincent Brady 7 Vincent Brady 8

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