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Unusual Tattoos by Renown Spanish Artist Victor Chil

Unusual Tattoos by Renown Spanish Artist Victor Chil.

Award-winning tattooer Victor Chil, based in Barcelona, Spain, is sought-after for his colorful cartoon-graffiti designs and photo-realist portraits. Although these art styles are completely different from one another, Chil is able to do both, efficiently.

“I always try to play with several styles. With new school, traditional, Asian, and realism, I merged resources and the applications of each technique into one. Whenever I draw up a design for a tattoo I first look for fluidity and a dynamic in line with the body. The same idea does not have the same composition for a leg as it does for an arm. Each part has its composition, and then I look for a more aggressive, sweeter, or crazier style. Then I add illustration and narrative techniques, which allow a clear reading of the drawing and personalization according to the customer, all with a clear and worked application to last for years.
I love Pixar animation movies; they do an amazing job! I am also inspired by comic artists, and certainly many tattoo artists inspire me.”

Unusual Tattoos by Renown Spanish Artist Victor Chil:

Victor Chil 0 Victor Chil 1 Victor Chil 2 Victor Chil 3 Victor Chil 4 Victor Chil 5

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