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Up in the Sky

Heaven is called Panoramic view when viewed from an astronomical object in the space. In ancient times to the sky and the earth is the mother of the gods and the elements.

A selection of “heavenly” pictures from all over the world.

Orange Sky in Nevada. (Photo by Larry Steagall):

3. The moon and swing. (Photo: Julio Cortez):

4. Hell clouds in the sky at a baseball game in Boston. (Photo by Jim Davis):

5. Lightning. The strength of the current in the discharge of lightning reaches 10-300 thousand amperes, the voltage – from tens of millions to a billion volts. Discharge power – from 1 to 1,000 GWh. (Photo: MLADEN ANTONOV):

6. Graphic Design in the skies over Germany. (Photo: KARL-JOSEF HILDENBRAND):

7. Ominous clouds of ash in the skies over Mexico during a volcanic eruption. (Photo by Ulises Ruiz Basurto):

8. Northern Lights. From the terrestrial planets auroras can also be observed on Venus and Mars. (Photo Blaine McCartney):

9. Airplane and rainbow in the sky near Milan, Italy. (Photo Antonio Calanni):

10. Art installation “Walk of flying umbrellas” in the center of St. Petersburg. (Photo ANATOLY MALTSEV):

11. Fireworks in the sky, New Jersey. (Photo: Julio Cortez):

12. According to early estimates, the frequency of lightning strikes in the world is 100 times per second. According to recent data collected by satellites that can detect lightning in places where ground monitoring is not conducted, this frequency is an average of 44 ± 5 ​​times per second, which corresponds to approximately 1.4 billion lightning strikes per year. (Photo by Ethan Miller):

13. Clouds and mirror building. Brussels, Belgium. (Photo by Charles Platiau):

14. Sunset. (Photo by NOEL CELIS):

15. The plane on a background of a full moon. (Photo ZSOLT CZEGLEDI):

16. Lightning, Brandenburg, Germany. The most common lightning occurs in cumulonimbus clouds, then they are called storm; Sometimes lightning is formed in Nimbostratus, as well as volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and dust storms. (Photo by PATRICK PLEUL):

17. An ominous sky in Texas. (Photo by Drew Anthony Smith):

18. Fog and a bird in the sky in the center of Warsaw, Poland. (Photo Kacper Pempe):

19. Lightning in the sky and the lights from passing buses. (Photo GENE BLEVINS):

20. Heaven and street artists in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo LE BASKOW):

21. Lightning over the pagoda in the east of China. Lightning is an electrical explosion, and in some aspects similar to the detonation of the explosive. It causes a shock wave in the immediate vicinity of the danger. The shock wave from a sufficiently powerful lightning at distances of up to several meters can apply destruction, breaking trees, injure and bruise people even without direct electrical shock. (Photo: AFP):

22.(Photo by Don Ryan):

23. Tornado in the skies over Kansas. (Photo by Sandra J. Milburn):

24. Sky lanterns in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan. By the way, we have flashlights with February 2014 banned in cities, towns and near green areas. (Photo: AFP):

25. Dandelion and the sky in a field in Duisburg, Germany. (Photo: Frank Augstein):

26. Rainbow and wind turbines. See also the story of the giant with screws (Photo by Greg Lehman):

27. Storm clouds in Boston during sunset. (Photo by Jim Davis):

28. The light through the clouds in Athens. (Photo by Petros Giannakouris):

29. Moon Over of Debrecen, Hungary. (Photo: Zsolt Czegledi):

30. terribleness sky in Poland. (Photo LUKASZ OGRODOWCZYK):

31. The Milky Way and the sky over Myanmar. (Photo by Ye Aung Thu):

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