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The Most Unusual Rare Birds of the World

The most unusual birds of the world. We present to you a selection of rare, beautiful and simply strange birds, which will be of interest not only to ornithologists, but also to photographers.

Mandarin (Aix galericulata) is a forest duck nesting in the Far Eastern regions of Russia and flying to wintering in China and Japan. Also, the mandarin can be found in the PRC, Ireland, England and the USA, sometimes they are bred in parks. The female, as usual, is unremarkable, but the male in the wedding dress looks like one hundred: a magnificent crest, sticking up, like fins, wing tips, bright plumage with graphic stripes on the chest, tail and head. Watch the season – in the winter Mandarin-macho loses some of its charm as unnecessary.

unusual-birds-world-01 The Most Unusual Rare Birds of the World

The blue-footed gannet (Sula nebouxii) makes the main bet on his legs, at least during the period of takings. The intensity of color is important to the female: the applicant with bright blue fins will find a family, and the owner of faded gray-blue legs will be rejected. Photographing these charismatic birds is easiest in the Galapagos Islands, where half of the entire population lives. They are also found on the islands of Peru and the Gulf of California and on the west coast of Mexico.

unusual-birds-world-02 The Most Unusual Rare Birds of the World

Cassowaries do not fly, but are considered birds and live mainly in the forests of New Guinea. They say that in the local language their name means “horned head”. The most unusual of the three species is the helmet cassowary (Casuarius casuarius), it also occurs in the north of Queensland in Australia. The purpose of the cartilaginous outgrowth, covered with a brilliant horny substance, has not yet been ascertained for certain. Perhaps it helps to wade through the thick undergrowth of the undergrowth or else it is the resonator of cassowary screams.

unusual-birds-world-03 The Most Unusual Rare Birds of the World

Andean Rock Cockerel (Rupicola peruviana) became the symbol of Peru, where it mostly lives. Bright plumage serves males poor service, making them visible to predators. At the same time, scientists believe that their appearance for females is secondary – first of all they disassemble good dancers and singers, and the most punctual ones, who do not miss their daily performances. However, this too is the logic of genetic selection: came on time five times and was not eaten by anyone – hence, the most dexterous and will be the father. We still need to figure out exactly where his beak is.

unusual-birds-world-04 The Most Unusual Rare Birds of the World

Kvezal , or quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno), was a sacred bird of the Maya and the Aztecs and was forced to supply the priests with long tailless feathers for religious rites. A broad crest, a green top with a golden, as if metallic, tint, a densely crimson abdomen, a white bottom of the tail – the look of a quesal can hardly be a model of elegance. Photo-hunting is possible only in the wild: they say that in captivity this freedom-loving bird dies of a heart rupture.

unusual-birds-world-05 The Most Unusual Rare Birds of the World

The whale head (Balaeniceps rex) is a fairly tall and powerful bird of East Africa. Its impressive beak is an excellent fishing tool. In the rest of the time it is more of a burden: if there are few fish, you can die from hunger, they will not get other food. And heavy it – to give a rest to a neck, from time to time the whale-head puts a head on a breast.

unusual-birds-world-06 The Most Unusual Rare Birds of the World

Kiwi (Apteryx), which are birds, not fruit, have a pear-shaped form, rudimentary wings, hairy feathers, and they smell of mushrooms. At the same time they have a developed sense of smell and habits like in mammals. Around the spine-shaped beak, long bristles-vibrissae, as in a cat on a muzzle, are stuck. They have strong paws, and in a natural habitat, kiwi can pass several kilometers a night. Unfortunately, now they are few and live mostly in captivity.

unusual-birds-world-07 The Most Unusual Rare Birds of the World


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