Unknown photographer Stanley Kubrick

July 26 Born brilliant American film director Stanley Kubrick, which everything else is a talented photographer.

Even before becoming a famous director, Stanley Kubrick photographed in the school newspaper. On the day of the death of President Roosevelt, he made a good shot and sent it to the magazine Look – photos printed, the author of seventeen and soon took on the staff. During his tenure in the magazine from 1946 to 1951, Kubrick filmed about 12 thousand pictures which were published only a small part. The famous German art historian Rainer Crone recently discovered in the archives of the negatives and printed out the best shots for passing across Europe exhibition.

Each frame can be presented to find the germs kubrikovskogo cinematic language. There is something inexplicable, enveloping the viewer magic of what we used to see in his films. Kubrick always knew very well what effect he wants to achieve. And it is this ability and commitment to excellence, he then took with him to the world of cinema.

photovide.com has selected the best shots, which fully reveals the talent and skill of the great genius of our time.

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