The Most Honest Underwear Advertising

British manufacturer of lingerie Curvy Kate did a remake of the controversial advertising campaign Victoria’s Secret “Perfect Body”, but with more realistic models.

Curvy Kate showed other, perfect and beautiful, but it is normal and such different women whose parameters differ from those that are imposed on us.

The Most Honest Underwear Advertising

Curvy Kate

A year ago, Victoria’s Secret has undergone severe criticism from the public to impose their ideals of beauty and perfect body. In the UK about this on the website Change.org published a petition calling for Victoria’s Secret to apologize to all women for advertising in which the “beautiful” declared parameters are far from reality.

The Most Honest Underwear Advertising

In response to the advertising of “angels” company Curvy Kate organized a project in which to show the real and no less charming women. The company also organized a casting, which could take part any woman. 10 contestants were selected Curvy Kate, and this year will be the faces of her new collection of swimwear and lingerie.

The Most Honest Underwear Advertising The Most Honest Underwear Advertising


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  1. Ordinary women often occurs deuce. And try to create a zero size underwear ?! So much so that it looks like the third.

  2. Well, yes, is somehow overkill. With all due initially positive attitude, you can not have.
    And yes, something a little beautiful models underwear. And the first photo – put them in dress, damn it!

    • When the world will be free from the extremes? First skeletal model, now “clan” under a hundred.
      You can still even in the best of this?

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