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Underwater Walking With Ancient Predator

Mexican underwater photographer Rodrigo Friscione – a real adventurer. Risking their lives he sailed close to the 3-meter crocodile near Belize in Central America. Ancient predator snout poked curiously at the camera box.

Dinosaur. From living animals close relatives of crocodiles – the birds.


Dangerous rapprochement.


Crocodiles – the only survivors of archosaurs subclass. It is believed that the first representatives of modern detachment were about 83.5 million years ago, although the history of all crocodylomorpha begins as early as the Early Triassic, about 250 million years ago.


On land they are quite slow and clumsy, but things are changing in the water.


There is an ancient legend that a crocodile eating prey, crying “crocodile tears.” In fact crocodiles “cry” is not out of pity. It’s all in excess of salts in the body, which is to remove from the real crocodiles and gavials have special glands that open out at the very eyes. Thus, the “crocodile tears” – a protective reaction of the body aimed at removing excess salts.




Walking with Dinosaur.


By the way, the biggest crocodiles bite force among living animals on Earth. Who would doubt that.


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