This Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

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Two generations in a single shot.
Rosa Camfield was born in 1913 and died on March 30, 2015, having seen his granddaughter. This picture traveled around the Internet and found a response among millions of people.

“Grandma was always happy, I mean, she was smart as a whip, even at 101,” Hamm, 33, told ABC News. “She was funny and had lots of stories.

“She passed away last night, so this was very bittersweet,” Hamm added. “The photo was taken by me of my daughter Kaylee when she was 2 weeks old. It was actually the day she was being released in the hospital, so we were hoping that Grandma would get to meet her.

The Arizona woman passes away just weeks after the image with baby Kaylee touched millions.

This Photo is Worth a Thousand Words


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