Tropical Island Under the Dome, Germany

Sandy beaches, clear blue water, palm trees … I think we’re talking about a tropical island? Well, in a sense, this is an island, but it is located under the dome in the indoor leisure and entertainment complex, which is located on a former Soviet air base in Krausnike, Germany.

01-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 02-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 03-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 04-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 05-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 06-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 07-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 08-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 09-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany 10-tropical-island-under-the-dome-germany

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