Toy Photography by Chris Mcveigh

Chris McVeigh is an author, illustrator and photographer living in Halifax, NS. He got his start in photography in 2007, when a friend insisted that he purchase a digital SLR. Chris was a natural, applying the same principles to photography as he did to his design work. 

1-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh 2-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh 3-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh 4-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh 5-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh 6-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh 7-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh 8-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh 9-toy-photography-by-chris-mcveigh

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