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Tiny Book of ‘Life’s Lil Pleasures’ by Evan Lorenzen

Illustrator Evan Lorenzen has created stunning tiny book, this time chronicling “life’s lil pleasures.”

Measuring no larger than one inch, the tiny book is filled with illustrations of feelings and sensations that should be familiar to anyone, such as the smell of rain and the sound of chirping birds.

The book is beautifully illustrated, and it’s no surprise. Evan likes to keep things small, and has made several books that are both adorable, and cute – and even wax philosophical from time to time. He has even made the tiniest tarot deck! While working with these tiny wonders, Evan uses pen and ink, and sometimes watercolor. The inspiration for these works comes from mythology and medieval woodblock print.

The accompanying illustrations, especially given their size, are beautiful and impressive. Lorenzen works primarily with pencil and ink, though he does use watercolors as well.

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Tiny Book of ‘Life’s Lil Pleasures’ by Evan Lorenzen:

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  1. It’s all well and good, but you’d need a tiny bookcase for it, and it’d be lonely, being the only teeny-tiny book on it.

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