Science of Paintings and Sculptures by Timothy H Lee

Continuously searching for novel visual solutions in an attempt to reconcile his artistic, scientific, and cultural backgrounds, Timothy H. Lee creates pieces that blur the boundaries between two dimensions and three.

“The artist is a carapace that contains within himself a soft glow – what I call the artist’s impression. This impression, which resonates through any thought and emotion, will already have defined the work the artist is meant to make. It is up to the artist to tap into this impression, and welcome the consumption that follows. By allowing the art to consume the artist, the artist is embracing the oneness with art that is required to cultivate work with impact.”

Science of Paintings and Sculptures by Timothy H Lee:

timothy-lee 1 timothy-lee 3 timothy-lee 4 timothy-lee 5 timothy-lee 6 timothy-lee 7 timothy-lee 8

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