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Cat Tattoos Are Probably the Cutest Way to Honor Your Four-Legged Friend

South Korea-based tattoo shop Sol Tattoo does gorgeous inking of cat tattoos that makes you want to get one in honor of your favorite animal.

The studio draws more than just cats, and their popular Instagram showcases a variety of tattoos. So, it might come as a surprise that this type of body art is actually illegal in South Korea. Inking, as it’s called, is defined as a medical procedure by law. But according to The Wall Street Journal, there are thousands of underground parlors that exist in Seoul. More than a million people in South Korea are said to have tattoos. Celebrities and sports stars have popularized the industry, and so the country is considering legalizing the trade.

Take a look at some of the studio’s stunning work (cat and beyond) below. You can follow Sol Tattoo on Instagram, and if you happen to find yourself in Korea itching for a cat tat of your own, check out its Facebook page here. Oh, and if you need some four-legged inspiration, just head to a cat cafe.

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Cat Tattoos Are Probably the Cutest Way to Honor Your Four-Legged Friend:

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