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Elegant Home-Made Tattoos for Friends by Stanislava Pinchuk

Ukraine-born multimedia artist Stanislava Pinchuk, aka Miso, creates special minimal tattoos when working in Tokyo and Melbourne. In her own words, they are “home-made tattoos for friends and friends of friends, playing with memory, space and geography turned back on body, all completed as trades.” That’s right – the artist doesn’t take money for her personal clients, preferring creative trades instead.

Elegant Home-Made Tattoos for Friends by Stanislava Pinchuk:

tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 01 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 02 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 03 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 04 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 05 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 06 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 07 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 08 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 09 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 10 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 11 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 12 tattoos-stanislava-pinchuk 13

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