Created the world’s first talking sexy doll

Meet Harmony – the world’s only talking sex doll, which has 18 personalities. She is able to answer questions and even remember your favorite dish.

In order to create the most realistic sex doll designers released a robot, in which you can easily fall in love. This strange doll is called Harmony 2.0, it speaks with a slight Scottish accent and can be reprogrammed into 18 different personalities, including shy and sexually liberated.

The video posted on the Internet shows how this doll speaks, calling sex “one of the most amazing activities in the world.”

“What do you think about sex?” – asks Harmony doll creator Matt McCullen. “Sex is one of the most amazing activities in the world,” says the doll, “I do not think there’s anything wrong with it.” Harmony is provided with a stable memory that allows her to build relationships with her masters and memorize some facts about them

“The idea of ​​a robot is to help someone find the level of communication that he can not achieve in any other way,” says Matt McCullen. – You have the opportunity to say to her: “I’m hungry, what should I eat?” And she will answer: “Well, you yourself told me that most of all you love pizza. Maybe you should try it. ”

A very realistically made of silicone doll contains a flexible skeleton, it takes 80 hours to work from start to finish, it has a customizable individual size of genitals and a changing facial expression. As a standard, the doll provides the buyer with 18 body types, including two male figures. The initial cost is $ 6,500, but the most advanced versions will be sold at $ 12,000. The creators of Harmony have also provided an option that excludes sexual relations. This robot will help single people who simply need communication. In this case, the vocabulary of Harmony will be increased so that it is not limited to only sexual topics.

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