The talented madman Vincent van Gogh


July 29 – the day of one of the most gifted and brilliant artist Vincent van Gogh.

The life of Vincent Van Gogh, as the interweaving of all kinds of accidents and events are shrouded in mystery and rumor. Until now, scientists argue about the causes of mental disorders and sudden death of the author. In his paintings are hidden intentions, and letters to his brother opened the harsh truth about the hard life of the artist.

Fate was cruel, letting go of Van Gogh’s only 10 years of active creative life, but this short period was enough for him to become a master of the original painting style. Due to the constant work, to develop their own unique talent and vision of the world, Van Gogh was able to create true masterpieces of Impressionism. gathered for you the most interesting stories of the artist’s life and offers a look at the well-known works of this talented madman.

Self-Portrait with Pipe

The talented madman Vincent van Gogh

[The story of the ear]

In one version of Van Gogh cut off his ear itself. There are some common assumptions associated with this fact: some believe that he cut off his ear, not all, but only because of the lobe of the strongest pain caused by inflammation, others that he cut off his ear because of the lack of demand for his paintings. However, it is known that Van Gogh lived at that time in the south of France with another artist Paul Gauguin, with whom he struck up a small scuffle because of local prostitutes. In this brawl and affected ear Van Gogh.

Interactive interpretation of the painting “Starry Night”

[With who possessed Van Gogh?]

Van Gogh paintings inspired many artists to this day. Every now and then in the news slip information about another young writer who finds an interesting interpretation of the paintings of the famous artist. One of the most interesting works is a video Greek author Petros Vrellisa.


The talented madman Vincent van Gogh


The abundance of yellow and yellow spots of different colors in the paintings of Van Gogh, as scientists believe, is caused by eating a lot of drugs for epilepsy, which evolved from the excessive consumption of absinthe.

Starlight night

The talented madman Vincent van Gogh

[The patient or a genius?]

Vincent created his famous painting “Starry Night” during his stay at the asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence (France).

One of the first paintings – “The Potato Eaters”

The talented madman Vincent van Gogh


Van Gogh began painting only when he was 27 years old. Prior to that, he tried his hand at various professions, and even immersed in religion. In the end, he decided to learn how to draw and started with pictures where portrayed peasant life, dull and dark. When Van Gogh moved to Paris in 1886, he met the famous impressionist painter. His passion and love for Japanese art, allowed to experiment with a more colorful palette.

Van Gogh’s Bedroom

The talented madman Vincent van Gogh

[The eccentric weirdo]

Van Gogh often surprised by his brother’s strange actions. One day, he took off his four-wing for 15 francs a month and bought the furniture in it for 300 francs. In 1888, Van Gogh has got a small studio in Arles, southern France, where he had fled from his uncomprehending Parisian artists and critics. Soon he decides to paint “the Bedroom at Arles by Van Gogh.” “The whole thing is in the coloring – he wrote to his brother Theo – making it easier to which I attach to objects more style, so they made one think about rest and sleep.”

Red Vineyard at Arles

The talented madman Vincent van Gogh

[Unrecognized genius]

All his life van Gogh suffered from low self esteem. He sold only one thing in life his work – “Red Vineyard at Arles”. And the glory came to him only after his death. If only van Gogh knew how popular it will work.

The last picture of Van Gogh’s “Wheat Field”

The talented madman Vincent van Gogh

[Mystery of Death]

Vincent Van Gogh died in 1890 after being shot himself in the chest. He was in despair at the hopelessness. He realized that is a burden to his brother Theo, who was next in the most difficult moments of life. A suicide attempt is not successful, he spent two more days until he died. Theo van Gogh collected most of his work, and his wife published a picture of Vincent. Recently, scientists Stephen Neifi and Gregory White Smith made ​​a statement that throws an established version of the death of the artist. They argue that, contrary to popular belief, is more like that of Vincent van Gogh’s death look like an accident. He was accidentally shot by two boys from a faulty gun.


The talented madman Vincent van Gogh

[The legacy of the artist]

Van Gogh, is not recognized by contemporaries in the offspring gained unprecedented popularity. Paintings of his brush, a hundred years after the birth, have not only become one of the most expensive works of contemporary art, they have finally been appreciated by experts and connoisseurs of authentic masterpieces. Now his works adorn the collection of the most famous art galleries and museums in the world.


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