The Strangest Airplanes in the World


It’s amazing what kind of aircraft can be assembled, putting enough effort, pure creativity and invested a lot of money into the project. Review of unusual designs of airplanes, helicopters and landing vehicles, from flying saucers to the “Caspian Sea … Read More

How Things Look from the Inside


We all have seen many times, it looks like a camera lens, a car, a plane or a simple sandwich. But how does it work, as arranged, and what’s inside? The easiest way – this thing cut in half and … Read More

Unusual Pets


Under the pets usually mean cats and dogs, in the extreme case of parrots and hamsters. But some plants does not quite normal …

The Most Unusual Hotels of the World

AlexDesign, World

The concept of “hotel as a place to pass the night” has long been a thing of the past: more and more hotels are themselves tourist attractions. One of the major travel portals, analyzing the reviews of its users has … Read More