20 Photos That Look at You

AlexPhotography, Portraits

The eyes – a mirror of the soul. If this is true, some people have a soul clear, bottomless and unusual. Photos of these people cling instantly and did not let go of you. Photo Vide assembled a collection of … Read More

Flying House in Central London


Before entering the market now Covent Garden is an old Victorian mansion, chopped in the middle and creating the effect of levitation, which side do not look. This installation conceived and implemented the British illusionist Alex Chinnek, known as the … Read More

Tough Guy 2014


Each year in the English city Purton hosts the annual race with obstacles for tough guys (Tough Guy), considered one of the most extreme and harsh world. It’s kind of race to the bottom. Several thousand men and women to … Read More

How to Make a Boat out of the Fridge


These fishermen from the village of Tanauan lost their homes and boats during supertyphoon “Haiyan” in the Philippines , but they did not lose heart and began to make boats from abandoned refrigerators. This unusual story told Reuters photographer Damir Sagolj. … Read More

Elephant Festival in Jaipur

AlexAnimals, Entertainment

One of the most colorful and spectacular festivals of India – elephant festival in Jaipur. The owners paint the giants with their feet to the tip of the trunk with all sorts of patterns. The elephant in India for a … Read More