Amazing Photography by tryniDADA

AlexBlack & White, Photography

Amazing Photography by tryniDADA. “I have a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Graphic Design from the Academy of Arts in Lodz, Poland. My main field of interests are graphic design, fine art, digital art, photography, drawing and prints & pattern … Read More

Joshua Tree Timelapse by Sungjin Ahn


Joshua Tree Timelapse by Sungjin Ahn. This Time lapse was filmed between May 2012 to May 2013. The overall goal of this time lapse is to provide the beauty of Joshua trees that only live in the U.S. I thought … Read More

“Vertical Emptiness”: Installation by Onishi Yasuaki


“Vertical Emptiness”: Installation by Onishi Yasuaki. The awesome and great Onishi Yasuaki installation piece, “Vertical Emptiness”, which is currently on display at the Kyoto Art Center in Kyoto, Japan. Onishi Yasuaki uses tree branches, hot glue, and urea for his … Read More