Future of Flight: Modern Aircraft Salons

AlexDesign, Technology

Modern technology allows to reduce the size and number of the various components in the cabin, the majority of which are not visible to the passenger, and in the same physical space becomes more spacious. Already the most common flight … Read More

China’s Elevated Bus Comes Into Reality


When we listened to about China’s Transit Elevated Bus (TEB), we imagined it might fulfill exactly the same fate. 3 months later having said that, we could not be happier for being incorrect because they really created it!

‘Path’ by Photographer Mark Dorf

AlexNature, Photography

Path by Mark Dorf. Young artistic photographer Mark Dorf created his latest series ‘Path’, which explores the ideas of new technology and digital language in the human context through digital photography. Within the images he focuses on using strict geometric … Read More

How Produce Boeing Planes


11 days – that is how much time it takes to collect one brand new and sparkling Boeing 737, the most popular airliner in the world! Whole Plant in Renton collect 38 aircraft per month, and the very line of … Read More

Amazon – World's Largest E-commerce Company


Amazon – an American company, the largest in the world in terms of turnover of selling goods and services over the internet. Amazon.com company was founded in 1994 by American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos, and in 1995 launched the site. The … Read More